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Brian WallaceBrian is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, composer, poet, entertainer and media artist, performing tropical, romantic, and original songs with voice and, successively, guitar, sarode, viola, flute, saxaphlute, and drum, with intriguing lyrics and eclectic world rhythmic and melodic styles (Hawaiian, Brazilian, Caribbean, Indian, African, Irish, American, etc.).

Having graduated from Harvard University with a Summa Cum Laude thesis in English Literature, Brian has studied with Maestro Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music, co-founded, with Faustin Bray, Sound Photosynthesis and the Association for Cultural Evolution, created large scale graphic art, invented & developed a new poetic form, and travelled extensively while performing his songs in showplaces ranging from formal concert halls in South America and San Francisco to pubs in Greenwich Village and Ireland.  From West Africa to Esalen to Maui to India to Berkeley, each new audience recieves from the essentially joyful accumulated journey and transmits to the next.

Recent history: In SAN FRANCISCO, solo concerts and art show at the Presidio Alliance; two years weekly at Gaylord India in Ghirardelli Square;  solo, and with Purnima Jha & Safqat Ali Khan, at Herbst Theatre; for the past six years, the California Institute of Integral Studies Annual Haridas Chaudhuri Gala events; a full Concert in Union Square, of that series; regular thematic appearances at Anon Salon; multiple evenings at Macarthur Park, Front Street;  many years performing for the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve banquets for the homeless at Martin's; a series of weekends at Little City in North Beach; three months weekly at The Metropolitan, Sutter & Grant;  evenings at Julie's Supper Club, Folsum St., and Canto do Brazil; three nights a week for over a year at Roti Bistro in Burlingame; gigs at Icon Byte Bar, Brainwash, Minna Street Gallery, Focus Gallery, & the Verbum Be-In at the Transmission Theatre-Paradise Lounge; two 4/20 festivals at Maritime Hall; "La Belle Epoque" multimedia event at Vorpal Gallery; two years on-staff musician of The Potrero Hill Neighborhood House (including for the developmentally disabled program); main stage solo at huge 2003 pre-invasion of Iraq, Civic Center (and global) anti-war rally (preceding Michael Franti), and other such; solo, opening for Robert Bly, at San Jose State University;

In BERKELEY & OAKLAND, multiple gigs at Jupiter, in Berkeley;  full afternoon concert at UC's University Art Museum; four nights a week for three years at the Indian style Kamal Palace; multiple sundays at the South American style restaurant La Paz; weekly for three months at Cafe 1428 at African oriented Alice Arts Center in Oakland; friday night at Jack's Bistro, Jack London Square; multiple saturday nights at Anna's in Berkeley; weekly for two years at Pasand; three months weekly at the Durant Hotel's Henry's Publick House; weekly at Palestinian style Fertile Grounds; over twenty-five evenings at Bison Brewing on Telegraph; two shows at the University of California's International House; live guest twice on KPFA (&, during lockout, performed & hosted a full KPFA Internet broadcast); gig at U.C.'s Grace Cafe;  solo performance presented, with Robert Anton Wilson, by Mondo 2000, at Julia Morgan Theatre; ongoing art show at Tibet Cafe on University; also art shows at Au Coquelet & Kamal Palace and Fertile Grounds, and a huge mural near Harbour on 580 in Richmond;

In MARIN, currently, every friday evening, since December '08, at Pelican Inn, at Muir Beach;  until then, four evenings each week for over three years at Gaylord India Restaurant and Classic Bar, in Sausalito, plus many associated private events; concert opening ongoing art exhibit at Headlands Youth Hostel;  house musician for years, multiple gigs a week, at The Mountain Home Inn, on Mount Tamalpais above Mill Valley; Mill Valley Film Festival Gala at Outdoor Art Club;  Center for Attitudinal Healing Gala at Marin Civic Center;  many months weekly at Il Piccolo in Sausalito; three nights a week for months at Aloha Junction in Mill Valley; three months at Cafe Soleil in Sausalito; solo concert at Open Secret in San Rafael; a month at Harbor Grill in Sausalito and of saturday evenings at The Caprice in Tiburon; weekly for many months at Mama's Royal Cafe in Mill Valley; art currently displayed at Headlands & Ali Akbar College of Music; also exhibited at Gaylord, Il Piccolo, and Mountain Home Inn.

In the BIG SUR / MONTEREY area, saturday nights at the Monterey Plaza Hotel's Schooners; concerts at Esalen Institute; two years weekly at The Big Sur Lodge and The River Inn; multiple fridays at Monterey Doubletree Hotel's Peter B's;  two performances with art at The Henry Miller Library; headline at Morgan's, Monterey; two months at Samsara and, also, weekly host/organizer of "World Jam!" there; three months at Cannery Row's Ghirardelli and Captain Ted's; three seasons of weekly performances with art for Elder Hostel of America at Big Sur Lodge; gigs at Fernwood, Delmonico's, The Fishhopper, Hawthorne Gallery;

In NEW YORK gigs at Rebecca Hoffman Gallery, and The Outsider Art Exhibition at Pseudo Gallery; in NEVADA, mobile musical installations at Burning Man events and, in 2005, commissioned as "The Temple Musician" there;  in INDIA and NEPAL, stage, rave, and casual, including multiple encounters with The Dalai Lama in DHARAMSALA; art commission graphically documenting, and participating in, The Global Peoples Assembly 2000, in SAMOA.

On MAUI in HAWAII, singing four months daily on board Navatek II (Royal Hawaiian Cruise Lines); solo evening at Fairmont Kai Lani Resort, Wailea; multiple gigs at Pioneer Inn, Lahaina; gigs at Maui Arts & Cultural Center Film Festival; also at Ohana Gallery, Makawao, and Jameson's Pool Bar, Kehei; multiple gigs at Maui Coast Hotel's Oasis Pool Bar, Kehei, Sunrise Cafe, Lahaina, Wunderbar, Paia, Stopwatch, Makawao, Mexico Caliente, Kehei; gigs at Marguerita's, Stella Blues, Kaahumanu Center Stage, Marco's, and, under sail, The Windjammer Dinner Cruise; & ten years of annual Dr. John C. Lilly extravaganzas.

History: Director of the Harvard Krokodiloes, a 12 man a capella group with tours of EUROPE & VIRGIN ISLANDS; lead role in "Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris", with original Off-Broadway cast, in BOSTON, first run; solo performances on twenty seven Pan American Airlines 747 flights from NEW YORK to AMSTERDAM as "The Flying Troubadour"; solo in clubs in BOSTON, CAMBRIDGE, AMSTERDAM, GREEK ISLANDS of IOS & SERIPHOS, & WEST AFRICA's TOGO & GHANA; House musician at Cafe Wha!, GREENWICH VILLAGE, often opening for its owner Richie Havens & others (reviews); other regular NEW YORK CITY club gigs at The Bitter End, The Castaways, Boomers, Max's Kansas City (reviews); performed with Pete Seeger on his sailing ship, "Clearwater", at ports along the HUDSON RIVER; mentoring and travel in MEMPHIS and NASHVILLE with Jerry Lee Lewis; gigs in SANTA CRUZ area such as Elysium (reviews); multiple gigs in LOS ANGELES clubs, Troubadour, Comeback Inn and The Ice House, (represented by Mace Neufeld/ BNB Prod.); also there, joined "The Egyptian Sun", an otherwise African-American spiritually oriented free jazz ensemble; then two years of solo concerts of original material sponsored by the American Embassies of EQUADOR, BOLIVIA, PERU, & PARAGUAY in their major cities; throughout PARAGUAY, featured on the multi-whistlestop-concerting "Train Musicale"; night club gigs in BRAZIL (TRES RIOS, and BAHIA Carnival!), & in CARACAS, VENEZUELA;  back in CALIFORNIA, Director of, & composer/arranger for, bands, "Nomadband" & "Intuit!", playing events in SF bay area including Holy City Zoo, Calypso, KPIX-TV Evening Magazine, Esalen; study with Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and travel with him throughout NORTHERN INDIA; leading workshops as music instructor at ESALEN Institute, with Faustin Bray, offering at least yearly week-longs such as "The Quantum Mechanical View of the Universe" (with Richard Feynman), "Art in Theory & Practice" (with Tom Van Zandt), & "Dream & the Creative Process" (with Frank Barron); travel, study, & swimming with dolphins with Dr. John C. Lilly in MALIBU, KEY LARGO, and MAUI; full Nomadband tour playing Bamboo Bar in AMSTERDAM & all major hotel showplaces and pubs throughout SOUTHERN IRELAND, including The Spaniard in KINSALE, LIMERICK's East Avenue Hotel, &, with Hendrix' bassist Noel Redding, De Barra Pub in CLONAKILTY;  co-founded, with Faustin, the ongoing audio/video production company, Sound Photosynthesis, & non-profit Association for Cultural Evolution, personally recording, editing, soundtracking, & making available great thinkers, philosophers, artists, musicians, religious teachers, scientists, & explorers (www.sound.photosynthesis.com);  continuous art and songwriting!

Brian Wallace

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